“What’s all this music licensing thing about, anyway?”

Feb. 18th 1-3 PM
What is this Licensing thing about, anyway?
Panel discussion with Q+A.
Opt. live recording session 7-10 pm.

Part One: Panel discussion with questions from the audience – 1-3pm


Luke Rowland, Medicine Music LLC

Bio: Luke is one of the top tier licensing agents in LA… Luke is Head of Medicine Music an L.A. based music licencing company. Luke has been at the forefront of this specialized part of the music business with many years of leadership and involvement. Luke is an expert and it is great that he is coming up to share his insight.

Ron Jones, Composer

Bio: Ron has worked his way into the holy grail of music licensing, with over 40,000 works providing a very strong income stream

Spencer Carlson, Singer/Songwriter

Bio: Spencer is a talented musician, just signed by Luke’s company. Spencer can tell you what it is like to go through the process from an artist’s perspective

Steve Turnidge, Mastering Engineer

Bio: Steve has many clients that would like to know what best to do with their music, and is happy to have been guided to Luke via Ron…

Part Two – live performances and studio recording sessions for Spencer Carlson (opening) and The Bats of Ballard – 7-10pm

The group will be recording several tracks for use in Luke’s company. This is a chance to watch and take in that creative and productive process. We will fit in as many as we can.

The Master Classes are free of charge. We request that everyone please let us know you are coming so we don’t over book and then have to possibly turn some away. So first come, first serve. RSVP ASAP to reserve a seat.

Contact Ron Jones at ron@ronjonesproductions.com to RSVP

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