The Master Classes at SkyMuse are put together to help the creative community by studio owner and professional composer Ron Jones and the great staff at SkyMuse. SkyMuse Studios was first started to simply be the personal studio for Ron, but once it was built and equipped he decided to open the doors to other composers, producers and artists who want to create their best music in a relaxed Northwest setting away from the pressure and stress of big cities. After living and working in Los Angeles for 37 years Ron and his wife Laree, both NW natives really wanted open skies and space to enjoy. We love the rain. The goal was to develop a studio that offers the highest quality, surround it with forest and field and to make it fun. According to Jones, This is really a Hollywood studio, just located 1250 miles north. We are a recording studio, a scoring stage, a sound stage, an audio and video production center providing production services to artist and producers and to companies needing those services. We are one of the only full surround dubbing facilities in the Northwest and a content creator producing original programming. Founded in 2015 and located in Snohomish county in Washington State, just north of Seattle.

See the contacts page if you would like to connect regarding SkyMuse Studios and or the Master Classes. See the About the Master Classes page for more about the classes.

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