Ravel’s Process

An inside look at how the greatest of orchestrators created his amazing sound.

Hosted by Ron Jones
June 3rd
SkyMuse Studios
29127 40th Ave NW
Stanwood Washington 98292

I have waited a while before offering any class on Ravel. I founded and led the Academy of Scoring Arts’ Ravel Study in Los Angeles for over 10 years. It was great but each score took about 2 1/2 years to study in depth, so I did not feel like diving into another long study. I did want to share some vital insights about Ravel’s way to create such amazing sonorities. His process is the ultimate way to think orchestrally.

So I am starting from the conclusions. The goal is to give some insight and clarity about creating orchestral sparkle and musical balance. There are actually some rules that when followed lead to a more vibrant sound. Even if you use samples or non-orchestral instruments, the principles are the same, the physics work. This master class is really about the music and about learning a few of Ravel’s special tools.

RSVP for a seat asap. You can also sign up via the web site at www.masterclassesatskymuse.training I hope to see you then.

Best regards and good vibes,

Ron Jones
SkyMuse Studios

To sign up for this exciting class, please contact:
ron@ronjonesproductions.com to sign up!


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