Beyond Strings: Explorers of New Sounds

August 12, 2017
SkyMuse Studios
29127 40th Ave NW
Stanwood, WA 98292

Join us for an afternoon of discovery of the art of creation involving stringed artifacts. We’ll move beyond the typical and see some unique instruments and meet the inventors responsible for them. The premise of Beyond Strings is to get behind the mind of the artist. In our panel we’ll discuss our motivations and where they have led over our careers to date.

From soundscape to stringstation and a modified bike, this will be a masterclass you won’t want to miss.

We’ll begin with Joel Palmer performing soundscapes starting 20 minutes before the panel to get everyone seated and in the proper frame of mind. Joel did this “tuning the space” prior to dozens of Seattle Guitar Circle Tuning The Air shows…

Then, we’ll start with a discussion on tuning spaces, and follow wherever the conversation leads. Next, Jim and Sean will give a short demonstrations of their instruments, with discussion after each performance regarding the path taken to have realized their work.

After the panel, and after a break, our intention is to have an improvised recording session with the panelists in the studio.

The panelists:

Joel Palmer is a long-time producer of electronic and guitar music, who draws from the principles of analogue synthesis for guitar sound design. His solo work is inspired by the likes of Fripp & Eno, Guthrie & Budd, and Reich & Glass.

Jim Bartz is a visionary inventor and musician, and the creator of the Stringstation – a 40 string prototype of the final version he has been working towards for decades. The Stringstation is incredible in itself – see it here:

Sean Lane is a Seattle based session and touring drummer. He also makes and performs on instruments of his own design. He has played with Perfume Genius, David Bazan, Yppah and many others. Visit for general information, and see for an example of Sean playing “The Bike”.

Steve Turnidge, mastering engineer, circuit board designer and author of Beyond Mastering will be moderating the class.

1-3 Master Class 3-4 special recording session. Free. SkyMuse Studios. RSVP to Ron Jones to reserve a seat.


Steve Turnidge

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